Anjinnov was founded in Montreal in 1985 and has endured by building a solid reputation as a general contractor.  In 2002 the associated company, Anjinnov Management, extended the benefits of this reputation to Toronto.  Working closely with our clients, we are able to offer a wide range of construction-related services and contractual options.  Whether it be fixed-price, construction management, project management or complete turnkey projects, the same philosophy applies.  Attention to details, respecting commitments, constant ingenuity and the delivery of the utmost levels of service are the benchmarks of the Anjinnov customer relationship.  By establishing an open and comprehensive dialogue with our clients, professionals, associated trades and the authorities having jurisdiction, we are able to translate the needs and specific requirements of our clients into attractive, functional and completely compliant facilities.  Anjinnov brings to every project an enthusiastic and committed team of professional, experienced builders and project administration personnel.  We pass on to our clients the benefit of our extensive knowledge and successful involvement in the construction of office interiors, retail stores, commercial buildings and general contracting.  Our team is committed to retaining our top-notch reputation in customer satisfaction, in the construction industry and in the business community at large.


Establishing the budget with the client’s input, Anjinnov manages as per professional plans, and estimates all aspects of construction, from the establishment of a list of reliable suppliers to the tendering process and the project’s completion. 


The client has the advantage of following the evolution of the project by working directly with the construction manager, allowing the client to ensure that the budget and quality standards are adhered to. 


Various construction management solutions can be agreed upon, whether a percentage, package or with risks are shared benefits.  Anjinnov will advise the client on the most efficient and appropriate means of realizing their project.

A client gains an added advantage by including Anjinnov as project manager at the earliest stages of a project. 


Whether or not professionals are working for us or in collaboration with us, providing services such as constructibility consultation, budgeting, strategic planning or schedule development, a client benefit from a complete team of professionals dedicated to the successful completion of a project.  Anjinnov provides strict controls that alllow a client to ensure their project is done on budget, on time and up to the highest standards.

With this method of construction, the client benefits from solid expertise, a minimal number of contacts, and budgets and schedules that are respected. 


Our qualified staff offers a multitude of services including architecture and design, allowing Anjinnov to successfully plan, control, organize and develop client’s projects.

A popular way for clients to realize their projects is through fixed-price project bids, otherwise known as design-bid-build projects. 


Each year, Anjinnov participates in countless private bids in Quebec and Ontario, maintaining an excellent bid/construction project ratio. 


Plans and estimates developed for the client by professionals assure unparalleled quality and service for every construction project.


Anjinnov offers a variety of consultation services to owners and professionals, from budgeting and feasibility studies to planning and scheduling. 


This expertise, combined with strong constructibility know-how, makes Anjinnov a perfect choice. 


Anjinnov’s involvement as a consultant at the beginning of a project ensures that all parties will understand the budget limits of the design, helping to avoid costly surprises once the project is underway.

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